UJC says “Giving Back is Easy” and everyone agrees

On 15 March 2017 Jewish community members of Cape Town received a bulk email from the United Jewish Campaign (UJC) in the form of a witty YouTube video to promote donating to the Jewish community organisations for 2017.

The UJC released a humorous video in March to fundraise for the year 2017. In a very different and unusual style, the UJC released a YouTube video to promote donation. The video, in a funny and clever way, explained the typical life of a Jewish boy from Cape Town.

According to a member of the UJC, Aron Halevi, the UJC wanted something completely different and funny to appeal to a younger audience and make the video memorable. Ari Kruger from Sketchbook Studios says, “We felt that approaching the video with a comedic tone would serve the project best as we wanted to create a feeling of pride and excitement about the community.”

The UJC and Sketchbook Studios approached this idea by casting famous and well-known people in the Jewish community to allow the broader community to relate to the video. Featuring names such as famous Jewish comedian, Nic Rabinowitz who was the narrator, Glen Biederman-Pam as the lead role, who recently starred in Bad Jews at the Fugard Theatre. Along with Merle Rubin, the top Kosher caterer in Cape Town.

The aim of the video was to highlight all the good work that the UJC does in a humorous way. The various Jewish organization such as StaffWise, Highlands House, Astra, GiftTime, Jewish schools, Telfed, Jewish Youth Movements, Jewish Synagogues, CSO and Merle’s devilled eggs were all included to stress the importance of these organisations and the integral role they play in the Jewish community; emphasising the need for donation and fundraising.

The objective of this video was achieved as it gained over ten-thousand views on YouTube; considering there are only sixteen-thousand Jewish people in Cape Town, it is a considerable amount. Kruger says, “Merle Rubin phoned me the other day to tell that she’s ‘gone viral’. She’s been getting great feedback from her children overseas and other ex-pats that know her”

It’s clear that this campaign had positive feedback from all around Cape Town and stresses the need to fundraise for the upcoming year. In 2016, the UJC raised over R53 million and believes 2017 will be no different.

Click the link below to watch the video:


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